I’m loving this humidistat

I was beginning to think my roommate was just getting a cold when he was complaining about the house being too cold, but after a month of wearing tons of layers indoors in late fall, I thought to myself that he might be onto something after all.  started poking around online to see if I could figure out what was wrong with our furnace by myself, but this is not our first year renting this house so I knew already that it wasn’t any drafts. My roomate and I had already dealt with those last year. What I found online was very surprising. Apparently, oil furnaces needed to be cared for each plus replaced every other year, otherwise than can break down far quicker than they are slated to last for. I always thought it was only central cooling system that needed cleaning plus replaced, because AC systems have ductwork plus air filters that can leak or become broken completely over time. I called my landlord and asked him when the last time he had had an Heating and A/C company by the house too check up on the oil heater. He mentioned that he had not done so in his life, at least not since he installed the new oil tank system six years ago. When I told him the oil oil furnace was no longer effectively keeping the house warm, we both agreed that it was time to call in a furnace repair consultant. The service guy from the heating and cooling company was both nice and generous. He showed me and my roommate all that we could do to insure the furnace was running its peak, including scrubbing down the furnace filter. I didn’t even think there was such a thing!