The room is great

I grew up in a undoubtedly old, undoubtedly sizable new home in the country.  It was an amazing place to live as a child because there was plenty of space outside to run around & scream & yell without horrifying any neighbors.  Inside the people I was with and I had a plethora of rooms to use as our playroom, to build forts, play hide & go seek, whatever the people I was with and I could suppose of.  We always had family & friends staying with us for a unbelievable weekend & the new home was always full of care about & laughter. What the people I was with and I didn’t know as kids is that it can be undoubtedly difficult to maintain a new home of that size in such a remote location.  Older houses are not as energy efficient. Heating & cooling systems need to be worked on & replaced every so often & it can be difficult to even find an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional nearby. Old insulation & windows can leak a lot of heat & cause your energy usage to skyrocket, however now that our siblings & I are older & have moved out of the house, I have convinced our parents to make a few energy saving replaces. They have replaced their old windows with energy efficient 1s & are in the process of upgrading to a smart thermometer.  It took some coercing but knowing that the smart thermometer means they can chance & choose which rooms to keep at what temperature will save them a lot of money now that much of the new home is unused. My parents are undoubtedly gleeful to be living in a more energy efficient new home in the future.

HVAC profesional