I can only dream of something better

I used to love when my parents would leave me home alone while they went on dates together, I could get away with doing almost anything I wanted without anyone opposing me. But there was one instance, however, that ruined all the fun for me. My parents were going on a date and before they left they warned me not to cause trouble, to go to bed on time, and to finish my homework just as if they were home. I had no intention of doing any of those things. They kissed my forehead, we said our goodbyes, and I was free! I began my usual troublemaking behavior and had an amazing half hour of blissful fun when I suddenly heard an ominous thump. It surprised me so much that I fell off the couch! The thumping continued, and I was convinced that my house had been broken into with me still inside. What a day for my parents to be on a date! I hid in the closet for a half hour all the while the thumping continued. Eventually, I could not take it anymore. I ran to get the phone and quickly scampered back to my hideout. I called the authorities who arrived in minutes. My parents returned home shortly after, so I assumed they must have been alerted of the invasion. The police left not long after they had arrived. I asked my parents in a panicked tone why they were leaving if they had not caught the intruder. My parents laughed and claimed that the thumping was merely caused by our old Heating and Cooling system. Something in the furnace had broken off and was hitting the pipe that led into the air conditioner compartment. I couldn’t believe I had been scared of an HVAC unit the whole time! Now whenever my parents leave me alone at home, they are sure to check the Heating and Cooling system beforehand, especially the furnace.