This energy waste is an issue

    Because I live in an section of the world with a particularly long and extreme Winter season, a boiler is the perfect solution for my heating.  The main drawback of a boiler is that it doesn’t supply any option to add a cooling system. Since our summertime season is brief and often frigid and rainy, it’s not a requirement for me to have a central air conditioner.  I can manage just superb with some box fans, open windows, and a couple portable cooling units. My priority is definitely the winter weather. We get freezing temperatures significantly below zero, a horrible wind chill, and tons of snow on top of everything.  The boiler absolutely handles even the coldest weather, always creating a particularly comfortable indoor environment. There are also no air ducts to conceal contaminants and spread them throughout my house. With no duct system, I also avoid a whole bunch of extravagant energy waste, extravagant professional maintenance, and annoying sounds.  Instead, the boiler is linked to a radiant plan which is genuinely concealed beneath the floors of my house. There is a series of pipes which carry tepid water and infuse the heat in the air. The heat is distributed quite evenly across the floor, and it rises slowly. As it rises, all of the surfaces in the room are warmed which allows for lower than normal temperature control settings.  The temperature from the floor to ceiling never varies more than a few degrees, and it is always within a single degree of the temperature control settings. I prefer that the radiant plan is hidden, and it up takes up no area in the house. It definitely doesn’t detract from aesthetics because I’m not forced to arrange our furniture to accommodate it. No matter how frigid and terrible the weather is outside, I am able to walk barefoot in my home, and I remain perfectly comfortable inside.  Plus, the boiler supplements our homes hot water needs. Furthermore it links to a snow melt system installed beneath the driveway and walkways. I greatly enjoy eliminating the terrible work of shoveling snow.

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