The luxury of cool air

I don’t guess whos system it was to tranathletic interest in the middle of summer, but that human deserves to burn. Luckily for me, they will! Unfortunately… so will the rest of us. You see, every one of us are stuck moving an entire four family room home in the deepest depths of Summer time in the deep south. Yep, it is as poor as it sounds. Not only is it incredibly sizzling outside, with never ending sun streaming down and heating up our paved world, but the humidity is nothing to sneeze at, either. Around here it is totally proper to have airborne mugginess that hovers right around 85% all Summer long. During the “bad” weeks, it’s absolutely more love 90% all afternoon and night. There is no relief from the heat and humidity, and there is rarely even a breeze to break up the uncomfortable air conditions. That’s why you are forced to rely heavily on your own air conditioner, continually running your central cooling plan for about 9 weeks of the year. Not only is this super overpriced, but it’s also energy inefficient and bad for the environment. That’s why I believe even worse about this whole moving debacle this Summer – not only are every one of us suffering horrifically, but the only way to improve the situation is costly to our finances and to the weather conditions, at large. This means every one of us are essentially paying the energy supplier hundreds of extra dollars to cool both of our homes while we’re moving, and letting half of the cool air right out through the open doors, anyways! I can’t wait for this whole ordeal to be over – hopefully every one of us won’t need to pay for a brand new AC unit after abusing ours so heavily in the meantime.

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