My room feels awesome

Last year, our wife and I went on the most beautiful honeymoon.  We waited until a few weeks after our anniversary to go on our honeymoon because of our work schedules, however it was worth the wait.  We went to several tropical countries and stayed at the most luxurious resorts. We ate the most delicious foods, drank from daylight up to daylight down, had some of the best spa treatments, and went on some pretty amazing adventures.  There was only one disadvantage about the trip. In every country, it was nearly one hundred degrees every day. The heat was unbearable. It would have been manageable if our rooms had a/c in them. Each country did not have this luxury.  I was frustrated at first, however then I did research about this and found out that this section of the world doesn’t usually install cooling systems in their homes or buildings. I was struggling with this during those first few days of our trip, however I hastily realized that I was putting a damper on our honeymoon.  I did not want to waste away our time with our terrible attitude, so I tried to push through it. We asked for fans to be put in our rooms. This kept us reasonably cool at night. During the day, we spent most of our time in the pools and on the beaches, so the water helped us deal with the heat. In the end, this honeymoon was everything that we wanted.  We had the most luxurious time together and it was entirely worth the wait.

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