My house is very interesting

My husband and I have recently inherited the house of our dreams. Dating when both of us were young, we would spend a lot of time at my father-in-law’s home on the lake. But once my husband’s parents divorced at a young age, my husband would spend most of his weekdays with his father and weekends with his mother. Now that his father is moving into a retirement home community, the property has been passed down to us. We’re truly excited, but it’s also a little overwhelming. Always swamped with work, my spouse and I had only been to visit for parties and events, so neither of us had knew what work had been done to the home. It turns out that since my husband moved out and we got married, almost nothing had been accomplished. The attic still wasn’t fully converted into a bedroom, even though the walls were all there and the windows and insulation were finished! His father still hadn’t completed installation of the heating, ventilation and A/C system to connect the room to the rest of the house. While the wood burning stove had been maintained and was in great working order, the HVAC unit itself hadn’t been cleaned or properly taken care of for a long time. We suspected that was because my father-in-law hadn’t been using it at all. He had been heating the apartment with only the wood burning stove because he was too cheap to go out and purchase oil. Instead, he was chopping wood and just seasoning it himself before wintertime each year. It’s going to take a lot of work to turn this place into our dream home. We’ll start with hiring a local gas furnace contractor to get the oil furnace operational before wintertime arrives.