A leaking heater is a problem

As a mother raising several youngsters in the age of technology, I make sure to ensure our children are getting plenty of time outdoors away from the screens of their electronic devices. All of us all savor camping, as well as heading out into our community to find new things I like to do. All of us visit the ice skating rink, a pottery studio, and the local swimming pool fairly often, however the locale the people I was with and I frequent most has got to be the community’s playground, then unlike other playgrounds with only basic equipment, our playground was honestly built as a big community project years ago, built by volunteers in the community working together for a usual cause. It was professionally designed with a fantasy castle theme, and it’s simply gorgeous. However, I’ve observed is that the public restrooms are not well taken care of. One of the largest concerns it faces, aside from graffiti artists tagging the walls, is that its air quality is absolutely horrendous. My eldest child once complained that he has to hold his breath in the lavatory there, and I can’t blame her. The building does not have a/c, so on tepid mornings it gets sweltering in there, which makes the respected public lavatory odors so much worse. I know that the building needs an Heating and AC plant installed in order to provide cooling to the lavatories, as well as an air purification plan to help ensure the air is clean. All of us should be raising the standards of public amenities everywhere, not settling for such awful conditions.  I fully intend to raise our problems over the playground’s lavatory air quality while I was in the next city council meeting, and hope to do our space to make a change for the better for the sake of our children and most people else’s.

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