I worked very hard on this project

The other day my kids and I went to an amusement park. It was a bummer, because the A/C in the automobile quit working on us. I went to adjust the temperature control, however the air was barely even cool. It was actually better than nothing though so we coped by putting the windows down as well. The broken a/c was blowing at a desperate attempt to keep cool. It seemed silly to let a/c just fly out the window, however it was the only way to try and beat the heat! When we arrived at the theme park, it was a bright and hot Summer afternoon, and my kids were dying so we got some cold drinks from the vending machine. The kids and I decided on the water park, since there was no a/c to be found. When we arrived at the pool, it was nice and cool. It was so refreshing we just relaxed and enjoyed the water. It was quite the nice water park. My kids were having so much fun playing that we stayed there until the water park actually closed. That was when the sun was starting to set. As we were driving home, I asked the kids if they would like to grab a pizza on the way and they said the would. I went inside to order the pizza and it was very hot inside. I didn’t expect to tarry there for too long, however I was wrong. I was in there for roughly 20 minutes just roasting to death. I asked them about their HVAC system and they said it was down. They explained there was a HVAC repairman that was supposed to come out a while ago, but hadn’t arrived. When I finally got the pizza and headed out the door, that’s when I saw the HVAC van pull up to the place. I thought, good for them.

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