I don’t mind the materials

When I remodeled my living room, I had a certain vision in mind.  I spent a lot of time planning every detail of the space, from the color of the walls, to the door moldings and light fixtures.  I was extremely excited to complete the construction project and finally choose the furnishings. I spent a lot of time going to see several furniture stores in the area and shopping online, despite the fact that I simply couldn’t find the right pieces.  Between the specific dimensions, style, color and fabrics, nothing quite met my demands. I finally came across a custom furniture store, where the furnishings are always made from scratch. I expected this service to be extremely expensive but was pleasantly surprised by the price.  While the cost was higher than a local chain store, the quality and integrity of the custom furnishings are far superior. And, I was able to tailor every aspect to my tastes and requirements. I sorted through a wide variety of fabric swatches for draperies and upholstery, selected the hardwood for the tables plus chairs, plus even customized details such as throw pillows, vases, and artwork.  One of the best aspects of collaborating with a custom furniture shop was the personalized attention. I was given recommendations, helpful tips, and guidance from a professional with a great deal of experience and expertise. This saved me from making mistakes or choosing subpar materials. Because all of the custom furniture was built in-house, everything was made according to my exact specifications.  I was able to get a slightly oversized couch with a matching divan and ottoman. In the end, the room turned out perfectly.