I am very happy with all of these heaters

When I heard that my all-time favorite band was visiting our city, I was totally stoked. I bought tickets for me and my girlfriend as soon as I found out the news. She loves the band too, so we were both excited. I even managed to get my hands on VIP tickets so that we could hang out with a band after the show. It turns out that the concert was held outside and it was a hot Summer day. Almost everybody was sweating profusely and there didn’t seem to be any manner of cooling system to give us relief. The heat and humidity was awful, but the concert was amazing. After the concert me and my girlfriend headed backstage.The band members were really nice people. The band members were really nice people and we cut up with them for a while. They even play the song just for us. It was a huge relief that the backstage had air conditioning.The cool air rushed over us and we felt so much better. ¬†if it wasn’t for the air conditioning, I probably would have had to cut the backstage meeting short, for fear of falling over from heat exhaustion! I just don’t do all that well and extreme heat. I’m surprised I made it through the whole show, but my girlfriend was there for support.

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