I will just have to live with this

I live where the weather is usually warmer rather  than colder. I have lived in colder weather region and  have experienced how awful it can get. I have lived through sub-zero temperatures. I have faced the snow, and icy roads when it is unsafe to drive. I once lost control of my car and nearly totalled it.  I know what a real Wintertime blizzard is like, & it is not pleasant. At times, the cold weather can be a safety risk. There are quite a few good reasons why I don’t live there anymore. That’s why, when I bought a home down south with no  means of heating, I was worried. I didn’t trust the weather. I didn’t want to deal with chilly conditions, and have no access to heat. I would prefer not to get by with bundling up and plugging in space heaters. I want to bump up the thermostat and know the furnace will direct heat into my rooms. That’s why I called a local heating contractor.  I asked them for a way to heat my home efficiently in the winter. Because of the mild local weather, I am able to get by with a heat pump. The heat pump is great in the summer, because it effectively dehumidifier and cools the home efficiently. In the winter, it reverses directly and brings warmth into the house. I like having one unit to both heat and cool because it simplifies maintenance. It keeps running costs low and is great for protecting our environment.