A winter season with no heat

I live where the weather is normally warmer.   I grew up in colder temperatures. I know how terrible the weather up north can get. I have felt sub-zero temperatures. I have shoveled the snow, and driven on icy roads.  I once lost control of my car because of something called black ice. I understand the challenges of a real Winter season. The cold and snowy weather is definitely not pleasant. At times, it’s a lot of work and expense.  The wind chill can be painful and even deadly. There is a reason why I don’t live up north anymore. When I moved down south and was dealing with my first Winter season, I didn’t have any means of heating my new home. I was very uneasy about that. I worried about sudden cold conditions.   I was concerned that just bundling wouldn’t be sufficient. I wanted the ability to pump heat into all of the rooms. It’s one thing to step outside and have it be chilly. It’s a totally horrible when the inside of the house is a low temperature. Even at 40 degrees, heat is necessary. That’s why I contacted the local HVAC contractor for help.  I didn’t want to relay on a space heater. The HVAC contractor recommended a ductless heat pump. This type of system provides both heating and cooling and is installed without a huge mess. The contractor accomplished the installation within a few hours. The ductless heat pump provides an efficient air conditioner in the summer, and then reverses operation to supply heat in the winter.  

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