This place is finally cooling off

Now that Spring has officially arrived, I love to sit outside in the morning.  I can sit out there and relax for a while, and then when I am up to it, I go out for a quick jog.  I only go a mile or so, but it gets me pumped up for the day. I love being able to open up the windows, and I don’t need to worry about the cold and the heat.  There is one thing about a furnace that really irritates me. Irritate really is the operable word here. The furnace causes my skin to become so dry that it gets all ashy looking and I shed.  It is horrible, and it itches and makes my skin look all red. The furnace also give me such horrible sinus headaches, and it is because of my allergies that I had moved to the south. I guess having the furnace running for a week or two in the winter, is better than freezing to death.  Running the furnace for a couple of weeks is much better than when I lived up north and I ran it for the better part of almost six months. Most of the time, I can just add a few layers and I can weather out the colder weather, but occasionally, I have to turn on the furnace. I plan on running for maybe an extra half mile today.  By then the sun will be fully up. By then, the temperatures will be out of the seventies and heading to the near ninety mark that the weather forecaster is calling for. By then, I will have to have my air conditioning running.

AC unit