This is a lot of wisdom

There is nothing better than the spring weather, especially when you live in the southeast where it is almost always hot and humid.  Don’t get me wrong. I have a furnace, because we do have our rare occasions when it gets cold enough to run the furnace. Most of the cold days are able to be dealt with nothing more than a couple of extra clothing layers and a blanket on the bed.  There are, however, those days when we get a frost warning, and I have to aware of the possibility of my pipes freezing overnight. That’s when I’m glad I have the furnace. I turn it on to keep the pipes from freezing, and I run the water ever so lightly all night long.  Right now, however, I can be sitting outside in the morning. I can sit on the porch and listen to the birds as I drink my morning coffee. It is so exhilarating to walk outside when it is only sixty degrees and feel the cool breeze of the morning. Of course, then the morning ends and the temperature start to go up.  In about an hour, the coolness of the morning will dissipate, and I will be inside with the air conditioning blasting, to ward off the eighties of the afternoon. Sometimes I wonder about my own wisdom, because I chose to move here. Maybe it makes me appreciate spring so much more than when I lived up north. Today is going to be a cooler day.  I can sit out here this morning and this afternoon, I may be able to sit in the house and have the windows open. One rare day, when I won’t need to have the air condition for even one moment.