This heater does what we need

Spring has finally arrived for us.  If you knew where I lived, you would understand that spring arriving meant that the cooler weather was gone, along with the window opening and now I am using my air conditioning full time in order to be able to be comfortable.  There is only a few precious weeks a year where we can actually open the windows and enjoy the weather. We do happen to have a few times when we need heating, so we have a central heating and air conditioning system, but I hate needing to use the furnace.  My skin dries out so quickly, and I need to add extra moisturizing which makes my skin feel greasy. I would rather just bundle up in added layers and an extra blanket or two, instead of using my furnace. I think forced air heating is the worst kind of heating because of how much it dries out your air.  I end up with sinus infections and respiratory problems, whenever I use the furnace, and that is in addition to the dry skin problems. We have had occasions when it got cold enough that we had to worry about the pipes freezing, and then we let the faucet trickle a bit, and we had to turn on the furnace. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen very often.  So, now it is spring, and I am sitting outside on the porch and enjoying my coffee. In a couple of hours, it will be close to ninety and I will be inside with the air conditioning running. Life in the southeast isn’t all that easy, but it’s better than having constant winter.