Summer weather

We are now officially in spring here in the United States. But I live in the hot and humid southeast portion of the country, and we really do not have much of a springtime season. We only have a few weeks a couple of times a year where we can open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. The rest of the time, we are either using the air conditioning or the heater. In fact, I use the heater very little indeed because the only kind of heater I have is central heating and cooling. Central heating and cooling, which is by far the most popular form of heating and cooling in this region, uses forced air heating. And I hate it. It’s better than freezing to death if we should get the occasional cold spell, but just barely. All that use of heaters makes my sinuses hurt and dries out my skin, hair and lips. I would much rather just bundle up in warm clothes and use an extra blanket on the bed that use that forced air heater in my house. Of course, because I live in the northernmost part of my southern state, it occasionally does get below freezing. In that case, we are supposed to let our faucets trickle and use the heater because the pipes need it. I do that when I am supposed to. Anyway, it is now spring, and it is very early in the morning, so I am sitting with the door open and the air conditioning off. In about one hour, though, it will be close to 87 degrees, and I will need my trusty a/c again.

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