I have a lot of passions

I love the Spring when I can open the windows and enjoy the fresh air of outside.  Living in the southeast, where it is mostly hot and humid, Spring is all too short.  I make sure to enjoy every moment of those couple of weeks, that I can. For those scant days, I don’t need to be running the HVAC system.  I have a couple of weeks where I may need to have some heating, so I have the entire heating and air conditioning unit, but those weeks are also short.  Usually I will wear some layered clothing, and throw a blanket on the bed, but we happen to have a couple of days, every so often, where you need the heat, to keep the pipes from freezing.  As much as I don’t like using the furnace, I guess it is better than freezing to death, or having my pipes freeze. The worst part about using the furnace and the reason I hate the furnace so much, is because it dries out my skin so badly.  No amount of moisturizer is going to take care of the damage that running furnace can do. If it does get so cold that I worry about the pipes, I just let the faucet barely run and then I have no choice but to turn on the heating. Like I said, it is Spring now, and in a couple of hours, I’ll be back inside and I’ll have the air conditioning running, because the afternoon temps are already in the upper eighties and low nineties..

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