A tropical meltdown

Everyday when I watch the news I can’t believe the state of the world,  It seems that there is some sort of natural This past year we have seen the devastation of wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.  The worst however is the recent events in the Hawaiian Islands. The people there are dealing the the worst eruption from the volcano in over one hundred years and I can’t even imagine living there. They are losing homes, businesses, and acreage at an alarming rate and I am very sure the overall temperature is incredible. Many people have been told to stay indoors due to toxic contamination in the air and they are lucky to have HVAC systems to help them with filtering and cooling the air.  I am sure they are worried about losing power because if they do, they will no longer be able to stay in their homes. Many have been evacuated to the other side of the island but if the eruption continues for much longer they may have to leave the island completely. Living in an island community is very different from other places. When a disaster hits there is really nowhere to go. If the lava reaches the airport and closes it down then they will no longer be able to evacuate people that way either. As I sit in my living room, safe and comfortable, I think of those people.  I have my HVAC system to keep me cool too but I have no threat of a disaster at this time taking everything away from me.