Who lives like this?

Even though we’d been engaged for five years, when I finally married my fiance, I didn’t exactly realize all the people that would be coming along with him. His old cat, Granny Smith, and his adorable daughter were part of the reason I tied the knot with him to begin with. Moving into his gorgeous lakefront house didn’t hurt, either. However, I’m not the only person who loves that package deal. His parents drop into our house for a weekend every month without notice. Not to mention his enormous clan of aunts, uncles, cousins, and nephews who stop into town to get a taste of the high life; Plus all of our friends who drive cross country to visit. Sometimes it feels like I’m running a B&B, minus the extra cash. Now, don’t get me wrong–I don’t mind having his family around the house, especially with my own being an entire ocean away. But there are a few aspects of a busy house that try me more than others. For instance, all of the cleaning that goes into preparing such a big house for guests, plus sterilizing it again after they leave! You see, my husband’s not entirely wrong to call me a germaphobe. And I’m most anxious about the airborne bacteria we all breathe. Every single time one of his family members coughs, scratches, or sneezes, I struggle with the thought of indoor air contamination. Not to mention our indoor air handling system circulating those airborne pollutants all throughout our home. That’s why I’m obsessive about our indoor air conditions, and continually pestering my husband to just buy a media air cleaner already. Currently, after our guests leave, my process is: Go through and change all the air filters in our heating and cooling equipment, try my best to vacuum out the HVAC ducts, wipe down the air vents in every room. I polish every surface, even spending the money on UV sterilization lights to get at any lingering bacteria in the air. I would much rather have a real air purification system hooked right up to our new HVAC system to remove all the airborne toxins. Yes, I’m thankful for everyone my new husband has brought into my life–but is it asking too much of him to help me get the germs they bring with them back out?

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