We want a new air conditioner

I can’t deny my love for storms… It’s all about the pounding rain, ringing thunder, and the flashes of brilliant lightning, leaving me entranced by these fantastic weather events. I love sitting out on the porch with a glass of lemonade, watching the trees bend, and feeling the urge to bend as well in the majesty and awe-inspiring power of the storm. I also appreciate sleeping peacefully once the sun has gone down, with the sheets of rain lulling me into a deep sleep. I’ve never experienced a big thunderstorm that I didn’t appreciate… until last week. Our region suddenly transitioned from bitterly cold winter to boiling hot summer, without much in between. With this abrupt air quality change came a huge series of tumultuous storms. I was in heaven, dancing in the sounds and sights… until the A/C quit. All of a sudden, there was a huge gust of wind, a loud crash, and my once crisp, cool air turned stagnant. I went to the thermostat to investigate. The A/C component had gone offline. Peering out back into the darkness, I saw the AC component hidden beneath a big limb when the next flash of lightning lit up the yard. Oh, great… It was so vicious outside that I couldn’t even venture out to investigate the central cooling system’s damage. However, I could already tell that I wasn’t going to like however much it cost to fix the damage. Still, I had no idea what was to come. With another huge gust of wind, a big limb fell onto the side of the house, crushing the west wall and bringing the air ducts down with it. So in addition to a huge insurance claim, and big fat home construction project, my central cooling system and a huge portion of my air ductwork had to be fixed in the wake of the storms.

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