I’m getting no help

When I moved into my new home, I didn’t know anyone.  It was really hard not having someone to hang out with or to have a cup of coffee with.  I was used to neighbors sitting around and talking, but here, no one talks. I wonder if they would come to my aid if I were having an emergency?  The thing is that, I needed to find a job. I had bills to pay, and I had to put in a new HVAC system, in the house. My credit card bills were raising because I was using the credit cards for all of my purchases.  When I started looking for a new job, I was in every business in the area. I put in applications until I had writer’s cramps. In the first week, the only responses I got was for the low man jobs. I was highly trained for management, but they offered me entry level jobs that wouldn’t even cover my bills.  I was getting depressed and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Then, out of the blue, I got an offer that I didn’t think I would be able to refuse. I went in for the interview, and I thought I was going to do well, until I walked into the office. It was so hot, and there was no air conditioning. I looked all over, hoping to spy an air vent so I could imbibe in the cooling air of the AC before I went before the HR manager.  When she called me in, I was a sweaty mess and I tried to apologize. I told her that the air conditioning wasn’t working well in the lobby, and she rolled her eyes. I am assuming there was no air conditioning.

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