I did love film

When I got back home one day, I saw that my family had gathered around the tube watching some old beach home videos! The video they were viewing was an experience we could clearly remember… My boy was just a little kid somewhere around 4 years old and he was fooling with the old temp device in that old house. The video was of me asking him about that control unit, but he said it was a fun toy that he just wanted to play with, however I told him that it wasn’t a toy at all, it was the control device that operated the heating & cooling for the beach house. I told him why it was so humid inside the home was due to his raising the temperature setting on the control device and that told our Heating & A/C system to overheat the beach house. My boy said he didn’t figure it would do that so he wanted to bawl.  I told him it was alright. I said now he was figuring out what it legitimately was, so I made a deal with the kid. I said if he promised me not to play with any control device anymore, and he listened, he might just get a brand new toy in a month. He certainly lit up about that and seemed truly gratified. It wasn’t a reward to him for messing with the control unit, but was a reward for listening and learning about our Heating & A/C system, that it was not a fun thing to mess around with. It was actually so cute, plus he didn’t even cry much. He ended up keeping his promise and got a toy race track that he legitimately still has even right now

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