Electric heating

My building owner is the most inconsiderate building owner in our city.  He never answers our iphone calls plus SMSs, he never comes by the home to fix any complications with the rental property, plus he is undoubtedly the most rude plus dismissive person when I get ahold of him.  All he wants his job to include is collecting the rent money. It doesn’t matter how drastic the problem is; he never responds to any sort of communication. A few weeks ago, our gas furnace blew out the breakers.  I was undoubtedly upset about this because Winter season was nearing, although I believed that he would respond this time since loss of heat is a major problem. Well, it has been several weeks plus he hasn’t returned our calls or SMSs.  I have been calling him nonstop, plus I am beyond upset. I am getting distraught because of the Winter season weather that is coming our way; It could be undoubtedly dangerous to be living apart from heat while both of us were in the freezing Winter season months.  In the meantime, I obtained an electric blanket plus space heater. At night, the electric furnace works wonders. It keeps myself and others undoubtedly toasty. The space gas furnace works wonders as well. It heats whatever room I’m in undoubtedly hastily. Although this is not an ideal fix, it keeps myself and others moderate in the meantime.  Since our building owner hasn’t responded to myself and others yet, I have decided to make a formal complaint to the department of housing in our city. I can’t continue to live here knowing that our safety isn’t our building owner’s concern, however hopefully, the department of housing will take care of this issue plus I can find a home undoubtedly soon.

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