I can’t believe the heat

My friends & I go to this great tourist spot about a half an hour away from town. The people I go with and I make a habit of going there as a group every December, just so all of us could catch up on lost time & have some wonderful old fashioned fun. Most of the stuff for tourists is concentrated along this one street in the village center, plus there’s maybe 100 shops where people sell clothes, hats, novelty gifts, snacks, & even fake Cuban cigars, but aside from the normal draws, I really do enjoy going to see this old guy in the alley who is a street magician. This year, though, I couldn’t find him on the street where he usually performs. Eventually though I found out he was spotted by a local manager who gave him a real job working in one of the little shops! When I went over to the store where he allegedly worked, I didn’t see him. Then I looked a little closer, and I spotted him wearing this crazy-realistic mask on his face! When I saw him, he recognized me and tore his fake face off to greet me! He was running the magic shop now, & did his tricks for tourists to pull them in. It was blissful to see him with an honorable job, even though I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly hot it was in the front room. The magician guy could tell that I noticed the heat, too, & he said how much he hated how hot this room was, and he’d mentioned it more than a few times to the managing owner, but the guy says the building is too old & too small to do anything besides set up a box fan or two. I felt so terrible for him, although he said not to feel too terrible – he still works evenings on the streets, where the air is so cool & the tips are way better and much higher! I told him he should consider getting a portable a/c for the shop if he can’t do anything about the central air issue. He dismissed it at first, but then I could tell that he thought it sounded pretty enticing to him after all. Who knows? Maybe next year I’ll find his shop & be much cooler.

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