Zone control facts

Less than a year ago, I was fortunate enough to arrange my work schedule to work entirely  from home. I no longer need to set an early morning alarm, put on a dress and fight my way in traffic to the office.  I’m not stuck in a fixed schedule, with a boss and some annoying co-workers. Setting my own schedule, dressing in sweatpants and eating cereal helps me work better.  I did need to make some changes to my beach house to accommodate my workspace. Once I started working from home, I could no longer shut down the furnace or the A/C all day to save money.  Instead, I was maintaining the entire beach house at an ideal temperature all day long and racking up big utility bills. Since I was only in the office space it was a waste of energy to heat or cool the rest of the house. I spoke with a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier who recommended I upgrade my HVAC system.  The supplier installed a bunch of dampers inside the HVAC ducts which customized the supply of airflow and allowed me to control all room temperatures. There is now a thermostat in each room and I can set the temperature in my office separate from the rest of the house. I further invested in a Wi-Fi control component which is linked to my smartphone, and that gives me remote access.  I’m not forced to get up from my desk to make an adjustment. These upgrades have not only saved me a tremendous amount of cash, but greatly improved comfort.

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