We’re going to fix the furnace

My baby brother just moved to the Midwest, where he has had a lot of trouble finding a career. He’s fortunate to have a small job, but there are many people in his neighborhood that have been unemployed for months. Luckily, my baby brother found a job working in the city planners office. The city planners office sees multiple families throughout the day, while they are trying to gain assistance for their families. It can be a difficult part of the job, to tell people there is no money to help them when there is an emergency. That same kind of thing on doubtedly happened in our Municipal Building, when our heating plus A/C device on doubtedly stopped working. The people I was with and myself were on doubtedly hot for multiple days, plus our manager said the heating plus A/C device would be fixed in a few days. Days plus days went by, before the heating plus A/C device even saw a technician. The people I was with plus myself were ready to leave the building, plus never look back. With the summer temperatures on doubtedly high outside, our municipal building was dealing with multiple issues plus problems. The people and myself complained about the A/C device, plus told our boss that we would no longer continue to come into work until there was a profit proper climate control system place in our building for good. The heating plus A/C device needed to be fixed, before we would undoubtedly return to the old building

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