That wasn’t that fun

When my wife Trish and I moved to the west, Trish and I moved next door to people who had goats. Trish and I both thought the goats were cute and the sounds they made were adorable. The two of us got the cabin right then and that day. The goat were a bonus with the space. It only took a single Summer for Trish and I to detest the goats. The reason is that the goats smell really awful in the Summer. If I leave my windows cracked, the goat smell ruins my air quality. The entire house, carpets and sheets included, will smell like goat. If I close the windows, then the cabin becomes a warm box. I had to buy up all new cooling unit and air quality devices for my home. The air conditioning device is for when I seal up windows. I need to keep the cabin cool anyhow. Every space in the cabin has an indoor air handler linked to my ductless multi split device. If I wish to have fresh air though, I then need my air quality device. I open the windows, turn off the A/C and then use a media air cleaner to remove the goat odor. I had to get a heavy duty media air cleaner that can sit by itself. I don’t want to run AC with the windows cracked, so the media air cleaner is its own device.That means it is huge and can’t be with the cooling equipment.

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