Spreading the air around

I hate it when you purchase something that then requires more work. I feel when you buy a car, you have the car. I hate getting oil changes, inspections and small repairs done. I hate that my phone constantly needs a new screen or to be updated. If I pay that much for a product, I want it to just work for me. The item should cost less if it requires me to mess with it all of the time. I did not expect my air conditioner to be so much work, and yet it was. My AC unit is probably the most needy item I own. No matter the season, I have to do something with my air conditioner. In the Spring, I have to get the air conditioner tuned up. The air conditioning business comes over and checks out the AC unit. They clean the cooling coil, condensate drain, fan belt and add more refrigerant. They also make sure there is no rust, dust or any parts that are wearing out. Then during Summer I have to manage the cooling unit. If I don’t keep on it with air filter changes, my air quality suffers. If I allow mold on the cooling coil, I will get sick. If I don’t clean the condensate drain monthly, the device will leak water. In the Fall I have to call the HVAC business back into my home to do an AC tune up again. In the Winter I basically have to ensure that it is not super dusty and growing mold again. An air conditioner should be free with all of this work.