I’m interested in something newer

After a couple of years of teaching in one school and using the same lesson plans, I was in a comfortable place with my job. I didn’t have to stress about what I needed to do to arrange for the school year because I already knew how to prepare for my classes, and how to teach them. But my entire world changed earlier this week when I found out that now I would be teaching in a different classroom with a new schedule that included teaching a math class! I was shocked and bewildered, not to mention seriously stressed out. This will be my first experience teaching math, and I don’t think I’ll be good at it. And to add insult to injury, school starts in just a week! Another major issue is going to be the HVAC situation in my new classroom. Even though the room is a few doors down from where I used to teach, the air conditioning and heating in this new classroom are in much worse shape. The air conditioning, for example, makes a disturbing rattling noise whenever I turn it on, and I’m not going to be able to tolerate it when I’m trying to teach. My new classroom has also an analog thermostat, not a digital thermostat like it should have. This means I can never be sure exactly what temperature the air conditioning or heating is set to. In my other classroom, however, I always had specific temperature settings that I used every day, without a problem. I would love to have that same type of thermostat now in my new classroom! I know I’ll find a way to get used to my new classroom and teaching lifestyle, but for the time being, I remain perplexed.

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