This is an old and cheap unit

It can be very distressing to not be able to access the things you need in life. I say “need” because even if you have the basic needs, clothes, food and shelter, there is a load of other stuff necessary to make like enjoyable and not just tolerable. Additionally, after you have spent years living in a particular sort of atmosphere, it’s extremely difficult – maybe even impossible – to adjust to something less. For years we’ve been using a central HVAC system. This unit’s older that most of the occupants of this house and, to be fair, it has giving us years of wonderful service. But now it’s old, noisy and not very effective. In the past, we were careful about arranging for all the necessary servicing provided by our AC technicians, and on a regular basis too. However, I must confess that lately, we’ve been kind of neglectful in scheduling regular visits with the AC tech, and that could also be a part of the problem with our HVAC machine. We had never been as cold as we were last winter, and summer feels so hot now , that it’s like the AC isn’t even running. Still, at the end of each month we are faced with a huge electricity bill. We definitely need a new HVAC unit, but they aren’t cheap and we don’t have a lot in terms of money. Maybe we will have to resort to having some window AC units put in, and acquiring a few portable fans as well. This change is not going to be easy by what other option do we’ve?

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