HVAC service information

I run a Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the Carolina mountains. I have been doing hospitality work for two decades from retreat centers, to church ministry to eventually this Bed and Breakfast that I recently purchased. I really wanted to find a way to combine all my gifts into one job venue, and the Bed and Breakfast seemed to be it. I took over a very popular Bed and Breakfast. I knew it as well know and was excited to take on business with an existing following. I was thinking that with the amazing reviews would come an amazing run in. Boy was I wrong! For it looked like they had cut corners wherever they could once I jumped into the running of things. The worst of it was their care, or lack thereof, for their heating and cooling unit. It was an inn that definitely needed heating and cooling. While there were fireplaces in most of the rooms, there was still central heating and cooling to pick up the slack. It seemed as if they chose to use very cheap air filters. In doing so, they clogged the vents and there was no efficient air coming through the ducts, hot or cold. When I called the nearby HVAC provider, they admittedly said they hadn’t been there in years for a regular maintenance check! This was bad! Once they did a total overhaul of the system, it was determined that it would need to be fully replaced. It was going to cost a fortune! But, the technician told us that in the long run, the savings on energy efficiency would pay for the new heater and air conditioner; consequently, this made me feel a lot better.

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